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Monday, October 31, 2011

Damn! Its Poison Jam!

Still alive, here some random images directly from the game files, uh enjoy =)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

JSRF Tool v2.1

Not many changes on this version, since anyway you can pretty much extract almost all models and textures now.

This update is for the player stats editor, at this point I have only tested and validated the values "health" and "max cans".
I have added other values which I believe are general stats, I compared the values from players to players to see what changed, overall these values with a question mark ? are the ones that changed often and are probably stats such as stamina, grinding speed, spraying speed etc, feel free to test these and let me know if you can confirm what is what, thanks!

There are of course a lot more values, but some never change in any of the players, probably more settings for player movement behavior, but I preferred to list whatever would be the actual stats.
"0x328" is just the position of the value in the file, don't worry about it =) 

Also I was thinking you may want to try smaller values such as 0.1 or the opposite such as 30 for the, these may be timers such as how much time you have to wait to be able to spray again or do a trick.

I have also enable texture injection aka "replace texture" button for the player files, BUT I disabled it the first time because it didn't work well, so if you're going to inject textures, do it once at a time and try to see if it still loads.

Again let me know if you tested modifying the stats if you found something, or just post a video if you got some funny result! ;)

Don't forget to empty the cache (X partition)  everytime you modify a file, so it reloads the new file.

Take care 

Sunday, July 31, 2011

So I can edit player stats... =O Infinite spray cans!

Hey there, quick random post.

I have been looking a little at JSRF files this week end, still nothing on bones/animation but I figured out where characters "settings" are, basicaly I was able to set the max spray cans for any character and there's many other parameters such as spraying speed, grinding speed though I am not sure of what is what but I found the block where these kind of settings are within the player.bin files.

So is anyone intrested in having a player stats editor in the tool, I mean do you have a modded xbox and will use it? otherwise I'll probably won't research any further about that.

I might implement model injection, though not injecting new models, just extract and re-inject the same model, keep the same polygon count so in that case you should only move vertices/edges/faces on an extracted model and reinject.
This would allow to edit levels meshes or any object.

And I am still trying to get at least the bones and weight maps for characters!

So let me know what you think =)

Oh and some random models from the menu files (\Disp\SprnNorm.dat)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

JSRF Tool v0.2 - Level model extract & Sounds extraction

Hello JSRF fans!

This post is focused on the new version of the JSRF tool, if you're not really interested in using the tool you probably don't need to read this boring technical description which I'll try to keep short and simple anyways.

So I haven't had time to work on this project at all, but I have taken a few days to try to fix some things, and it was hard to remember how things worked, but here's honestly a more or less efficient extraction tool.

When you open a JSRF .dat or .bin it will load nodes in the tree, I gave a color for each type:

Red nodes = Materials
Purple nodes = Models
Yellow nodes = Textures
Grey nodes = unknown/empty

Models (MDLB) and textures

In this version MDLB are all exported fine, still in .obj but with also the .mtl (material) so the texture is assigned to the model.
To export a model with textures create a "textures" folder in the same folder you export the model and use the "export all" yellow button to export the textures in the textures folder (it is important to use "Export All" since it gives the texture identifier number assigned to the material of the model for the .mtl to find)


As for level models (MDLBL) they all export fine with the right texture, but there is one model type which I never got around to extract properly so they just won't export, those are name "triangle strip" type in the "Triangles info" when you have an MDLBL selected.

The level models are located in the "Stage" folder and are split up in many files, you can only extract things from the .dat for the stages, these contain models and textures.
For instance the garage models and textures are split in the files:

You have to extract all the models and textures (to a folder named "textures" in the same folder you extracted the models) from those files to get the garage.
You may notice there are some "MDLB" in the stages files, those are objects also called props which are placed many times in the level, probably their spawn and position/rotation are defined in the .bin which I didn't look much into.

The level sky model/texture is in the files ending by "_t.dat" for the garage "Stg00_t.dat"


This one works perfectly and doesn't really need to be explained, just open a file in the folder "files\Media\Sounds\SE" and it will automatically switch to the "Sound" tab, you can either extract all the files to .wav format, or click one and play it.


I added a settings tab so you can define the JSRF folder files, export models/texture folders, so the tool now will open the latest folder you selected for exporting files.
There is also a "replace texture" button, which lets you inject textures, but it was quickly implemented, only us it if you really know what you're doing anyways, more explanations on the "readme.txt" file in the tool .zip file.

Let me know any particular problem in the comments ;)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Beat 3D flash viewer =D

Hey there,

I am trying "Alternativa 3D" which is a flash 3D engine, not really for putting the JSRF models for you guys to view more like to make some game in the future, but I though I could make a test see if I could get a model in Alternativa.

So here it is for those of you who don't know how to view the 3D models i posted earlier, beat in 3D from your webrowser, you need Adobe Flash v10 or higher.

So Click down here and use WASD keys to move the camera and Left click & drag to aim with the camera, sorry couldn't fix the camera you'll have to move it a bit to see the entire character.


Enjoy =)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gouji's Tower & Graffiti garage

Gouji's Tower

This is where you create your graffitis =D

Still working on the tool, I got models with materials groups to extract with their materials/textures assgined, though now there's a few models which don't extract with the right texture :S
As for levels still one model type not extracted fine (those with "stripped" triangles) and another model type for the levels which I believe is the collision model.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

"Yeah!! This is DJ Professor K, Baby!"

Yay! I found it, it was in the least expected file, looks like cinematic files can also contain models and textures so here it is =O (made a quick rough render)

So here's a closer look at DJK's radio station.

Please do click the images to see in larger format ;D

Hayashi has a katana!? well at least its on its model file.
Some enemies missing can't find the guy with his metal tentacles

Saturday, February 26, 2011

99th Street objects

Sorting things out, like what texture is assigned to a model (MDLB type) is done =D though not for a model that uses more then one texture gotta figure that out probably will make it.

I figured out that some models have their texture and material in the .dat but some others will have their materials in the .bin files and/or the textures in a second .dat file (this is because there are the same files for different languages but they use the same texture) the levels models have their textures split in many .dat files more work for me to code the JSRF tool o_o"

So here's a look at some objects of 99th street, its not a render though just a screenshot of the 3D app's viewport.

That yellow robot on the left is pretty cool xD

These from some other level, though many levels have the same objects.
Enjoy your meal =P

I realise I forgot to flip these horizontally on the 3D app after export, so if you can't read but can read Japanese that's why ;)

And here's one more thing for today, this one, I did flip it horizontally ;D well since its a model (MDLB type) that has many texture I still can't extract it with textures assinged, so here's a lambert with a wireframe.
And if you already tried the tool and extracting models, don't search this one you won't find it, I just figured out how to open the files on the "Mark" folder which contains fonts models and the thing below you should be able to recognize.

If you're a real JSRF fan you should recognize it =)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Texture MODs


I have quickly implemented texture injection to my tool, so now I can inject (replace) textures =D

Here's some videos simply for demonstration purposes.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

JSRF - Graffitis


Thanks a lot to Si who got us all the JSRF + some JSR graffitis packed'n'ready to download  here:   http://www.mediafire.com/?z2ajc3xshlxajwm

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Leave them alone

Remember all those people? (click the images to see in bigger)

The ladies and the gentlemen you got screaming and pushed around the streets while skating... you little punks! as Hayashi would say.

And all those birds haunting the streets on every corner,  the dogs and cats you surprisingly might have come accross, these little tiny creatures that add that little touch of life to JSRF.

So these models/texture are in the "people" folder ;)

Oh and I found more characters icons! the first 3, were not used in the game, they were as place holders I guess but they're cool!

As for how I am going with the tool, well haven't had much time to spend on that but I got more things figured out, I can also extract sounds now! oh yeah i'll post some another day though only a few sounds, maybe Yoyo's tricks "screams" or any other character, let me know in the comments if you want to hear some character in particular =)
I'll just post a few though,don't think it would be allright to post them all for legal reasons ;)  you should get the tool and the game files for when I'll post the next version of the tool to extract sounds yourself if you own JSRF.

Oh and just for fun =)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Garage in Team Fortress 2

Oh yeah I still didn't figured out how to extract one model type properly so fixed it manually in the 3D app.

As for the TF2 map, I created the collision on  the Valve Hammer editor with brushes with nodraw shader (invisible) over the jsrf map model separated as dynamic props, there is no ambient light or shadows at the moment so it looks pretty desaturated and bright...
I'll see if its possible to get a light and shadows on dynamic props with a decent framerate, the way I made this is simply not the way you should work on Hammer, its not optimized at all but it should be allright.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Epicness? now with textures =)

Note: This is not a render, just a screenshot from the 3D package's viewport (softimage) I use , no light, shadows, no shading eh, and a half faded out wireframe just displaying what I have achieved so far.

Well, there is still one model type which I am having problems to extract as you can tell by the big grey hole in the middle :/

And there are some objects missing as I said before these are placed individualy and are not the the stage.dat but you can already get them with the tool from the StgObj folder files.

But all and all its great! I can now extract models and automaticaly determine and assign textures, knowning there is sometimes like 10 different textures for one part of the level it does help, doing it by hand would be a pain, trust me ^^

That's all for today =)

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Shibuya Bus Station

(part of) The Garage


These stage .dat models were way harder to figure out than the other models you can already extract with the tool, eventually I almost got it all now.

Right now I am able to browse and extract levels textures perfectly, then almost all the models,that's why there's some little stuff missing but that's pretty much it =D

Objects  or vehicles  are not in the "stage" folder, they are in "stageObj" folder and are placed in the map on loading ingame.

Sorry for the crappy shibuya renders...

JSRF Logos

Thanks to Si for the Vectorized logos:  http://imgh.us/jsrflogos.svg

Original render from the 3D models (you can see the sharp edges because its a 3D model, better get the .svg above)

Clic to download original size (5000x2535)

Saturday, February 5, 2011


2 couches, a stair, a pinball, a UFO and a car under it, what could this be??


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Characters Icons

Well these are the icons you see when you talk to a character in the game, though it would be pretty cool to use them as avatars so here they are ;)

If you don't want to click and save one by one you can download the pack here: