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Sunday, February 6, 2011


Shibuya Bus Station

(part of) The Garage


These stage .dat models were way harder to figure out than the other models you can already extract with the tool, eventually I almost got it all now.

Right now I am able to browse and extract levels textures perfectly, then almost all the models,that's why there's some little stuff missing but that's pretty much it =D

Objects  or vehicles  are not in the "stage" folder, they are in "stageObj" folder and are placed in the map on loading ingame.

Sorry for the crappy shibuya renders...


  1. Sweeeeeeeeet! Is any any way to view these without having the disk at all?

  2. Well, I could post the models or you could get the game files, extract the models with the Tool (the one I posted doesn't extract level models yet, working on it) and then view them on any 3D application that can import ".obj" format model, its a standard ;)

  3. oh man, I need to get off my ass and hack my xbox (or is there a way to get the files without bothering? I have the disc). this is too good.

  4. You can download the iso, I won't post links here but is you search on google "jsrf iso snesorama"

    Then extract the files and that's it.

    Though the Tool that I released doesn't extract levels, I will post a new version that will let you extract levels, I am still working on it, problems extracting the uvmaps properly for levels and I also have to figure out how the textues are assigned to parts of the models, so you don't have to test a bunch of textures to find the right one.

  5. ive installed JSRF as iso i open it with isobuster but no files? am i doin g something wrong??
    cant find char files lol

  6. You need a specific iso extractor for xbox, here are many tools for that: