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Monday, November 12, 2018

JSRF Tool 2.3b and mods

Hello everyone, here's a new version of the JSRF tool which allows you to copy/past add/remove data blocks within a JSRF file, you can copy and paste model parts from one file to another, that is what I did for the player model swaps I showed earlier.

Note that this version of the tool isn't finished so many models in model viewer are displayed without textures, if you need to preview models you're better off with previous versions of the tool.

For how to use the tool, see this post and also this post

Regarding the new features, its mainly the ability to, add/remove copy/paste, insert, delete blocks of data within the JSRF file container structure.

For example you can select a model or texture from and click "copy", open a different file, select a texture and click "paste" to overwrite by whatever you copied earlier.

Also, here's some mods:

 That's all for now ;)

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

JSRF emulated at good framerate (minus sound) by Cxbx-Reloaded

This time its another app and its emulating the game at a good framerate and even high resolutions, though sound doesn't still work, it seems to run fairly well overall, aside from some visual glitches here and there and some rare crashes.

You can find the emulator (download under "Automated Builds") and the repo here

Support the developer on Patreon 

PS:don't bug the developers just about JSRF, they get enough of that already, their focus is on emulating as many games as possible first, so keep that in mind ;)

Monday, February 19, 2018

Character model swaps - rebuilding main file structure

So I have re-coded a core part of the JSRF Mod Tool, so it loads files differently and can now entirely re-build the base container structure of the files, allowing for adding, removing or resizing of blocks of data contained within the main structure.
And of course the first thing in mind to try was copying non-playable character models onto the player files annnnnd it works! (in most cases).

I still have to finish re-coding parts of the tool before release so it can handle different types of files.

The pedestrians models, unfortunately use a different bone structure than the player models, so the bones of the model won’t match with the original animation
…but we could say this is totally fine…
look at him go!
he’s got quite the moves!
like a smooth gentleman!

As if skating on the sidewalk in JSRF didn’t scare the pederastrians enough already, we’re getting on the levels of crazy taxi here: