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Monday, September 19, 2022

Creating JSRF Levels - Mission compiler and level tools update

 Hi, I have been working on level creation tools, so far we can create levels but we also needed to be able to create custom 'mission' files to have custom spray can placements, player spawning and death warps.

So I have created a second add-on for Blender which exports and compiles the mission data and added a collection with the mission stuff in the Blender sample scene file.

I have also updated the Stage Exporter blender add-on with improvements/fixes and also added an option "Visual as Collision" so that the Visual models are used as Collision models in case you're just working with the physics materials so you don't need to copy and paste the Visual models into the Collision every time you add new meshes and want to export, just check the box "Visual as Collision" and the exporter will automatically use the Visual meshes as Collision.

Click here to download the Stage creation tools v1


In the previous linked file you will find the blender scene file, add-ons and tools used to compile the level, see this post for how to setup the Stage exporter in Blender.

For the mission exporter, there's a blender add-on to install and it's panel will appear in the Scene Properties panel, same as the stage exporter:

You will need to setup the Stage export path (same as in the stage exporter settings), the game's Media directory and finally the JSRF_Mission_Compiler.exe tool provided in the Stage creation tools v1

Now for how it works, you will find a "Mission" collection in the outliner that contains various items for the mission data.

Inside, the 'PlayerSpawnPosition' is just a model of Beat that is where the player will appear in the level.

The 'Items' collection contains the spray cans, just duplicate them and keep the same name (+ ending with some number) to place more cans.

Finally the 'Death Warps' that are the areas where if you cross the plane you will be teleported back to the spawn location, for which you want to have a 'dw_plane' and a 'dw_spawn' with the same name and ending with an underscore and a number such as
"dw_plane_0" "dw_spawn_0" "dw_plane_1" "dw_plane_2" etc

When you click "Export Mission" the mission data will be exported to the Stage Export path and the mission will be compiled, it saves the mission file as the tutorial mission, so to load the custom mission and level simply go to "New  Game" in JSRF's main menu.

That's pretty much it for now, have fun!