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Sunday, July 31, 2011

So I can edit player stats... =O Infinite spray cans!

Hey there, quick random post.

I have been looking a little at JSRF files this week end, still nothing on bones/animation but I figured out where characters "settings" are, basicaly I was able to set the max spray cans for any character and there's many other parameters such as spraying speed, grinding speed though I am not sure of what is what but I found the block where these kind of settings are within the player.bin files.

So is anyone intrested in having a player stats editor in the tool, I mean do you have a modded xbox and will use it? otherwise I'll probably won't research any further about that.

I might implement model injection, though not injecting new models, just extract and re-inject the same model, keep the same polygon count so in that case you should only move vertices/edges/faces on an extracted model and reinject.
This would allow to edit levels meshes or any object.

And I am still trying to get at least the bones and weight maps for characters!

So let me know what you think =)

Oh and some random models from the menu files (\Disp\SprnNorm.dat)