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Saturday, April 2, 2011

April's fools ;D

Here's some screenshots of models in the 3D view-port.


  1. You certainly got me dude, good one. <3

  2. GODDAMN IT you actually had me there.
    Don't toy with our hearts about this game getting a PC port! ;_;

    That last model really reminds me of a Tatchikoma from Ghost in the Shell...

  3. For you and all.
    ;_; ;_; ;_; ;_; ;_; ;_; ;_; ;_; ;_; ;_;

  4. I Believe on BlueShogun the guy who created the XBOX Emualator and it's not a lie.

  5. Sorry didn't mean it to be rude yeah it was kinda :/
    I wanted to make something funnier such as a fake easter egg in JSRF by modding but I didn't have time to do that.

    Maybe if SEGA sees it it'll trigger something? doubt it anyways.

  6. fuck i knew it was a lie good news that your still work keep it up don't lie about jsrf

  7. I Think this game will be emulated very easy and why?
    You can extract all from the game, now some one knows how to port a game like that and work on PC Version.

  8. I highly doubt animal:'(
    But im hoping for a Functinoal Xbox Emulator
    I really want to play this game after years :') </3

    Breaks my heart that is not for pc, Darn you sega , Darn YOU .

  9. This game gets me everytime and always remember it. Oh good times good times