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Friday, July 4, 2014

Play the JSRF Garage in Team Fortres 2! (2014 Edition)

If you've read the blog before, you may know I started porting the map long ago.
I recently revamped it a bit and brought back the server.

I have ported the Garage level from Jet Set Radio Future to Team Fortress 2 as a map and got a server running it 24/7!

So If you happen to play TF2 join right now!!
And if not you can still get TF2 on steam, the game is free.

Server IP:

Cick to Join the server if you have Steam/TF2 installed:

Join the Steam Group:

I have ported the level from JSRF, remade the entire physical collision model, you can grinding rails (sorry only can be one-way in TF2), jump ramps and use half pipes.

I also switched the health and ammo packs by JSRF spray cans, you can select song loops by hitting/shooting one of the DJ tables on the center of the map.

If you don't want to fight with other players you can just go to the center of the map, in this area you cannot be shot by other players :)
Edit: type !friendly in chat to spawn in friendly mode so you cannot be attacked nor attack if you just want to chill.


PS: If you see me in the server, I am known as "BANG!" in TF2.