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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

JSRF ModTool 2.5 - Model importer improvements + High resolution texture importing

Hey, here's an update for the tool, I have improved the model importing, fixed some bugs, and added support for a model type(player character head models) that are different from the common model setup.

For learning the basics on how to use the tool, see this post and also this post

It is now possible to import scaled up textures, meaning you can for instance edit a 512x512 texture, scale it up to 1024x1024 in the image editor, save, and then import with "Save changes" in the JSRF ModTool Texture Viewer tab, the tool will import the texture with the new resolution.

This will be useful for some of you out there who want to re-create some of the UI textures which are quite pixelated and low resolution and could use an HD remake, looking forward to those mods.

The tool maximum texture resolution import is limited to 2048x2048, I haven't tested higher resolutions and really for JSRF I would recommend sticking to 1024 as the maximum in general.

And as always, don't forget to clear (delete the files) in the cache, that is the X Y Z, HDD partitions, so the game reloads your modded files.

JSRF now playable in HD on PC with the cxbx-reloaded emulator

You can now play JSRF in high resolution with the emulator cxbx-reloaded

The emulator runs JSRF flawlessly, you might need a fairly powerful CPU and/or GPU to run it at a good frame-rate depending on the resolution you chose in the options "Settings > Config Video".

To run at higher resolutions set the "Display resolution" and "Render Resolution" to something higher than the default.

You can download the latest version of cxbx-reloaded by clicking on "Latest Development Build" in this page.

I of course own a DVD copy of the original JSRF game (and an original xbox) and so should you if you're going to play on the emulator, as I don't advocate piracy, you'll have to figure out on your own how to get the files of the game to run it on cxbx-reloaded.

You can support the development on cxbx-reloaded here on Patreon as while it may very well run JSRF, there's still lots of work to be done to get other xbox games running and the amazing developers could use our support.

We might not have gotten an official JSRF port, but we have this amazing emulator now, have fun!