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Thursday, September 10, 2015

JSRF partially emulated on PC

Hey there!

If you've looked before into it, so far no xbox emulators have been able to run JSRF, or for that matter run any complex xbox game properly.

But there's this new emulator in town called XQEMU that's making quite some progress, as a matter of fact they are able to run some big xbox titles to the point it loads in the menus or even ingame.

Here's JSRF running on the emulator, keep in mind the audio isn't yet emulated and the game runs slowly, the video was sped up by x5, but it will improve over time.

Now I don't meant to get you too excited, as so far the developers of XQEMU are focusing on compatibility and getting as many games to run as possible, emulating the graphics,  no audio yet, once they have made progress they will focus on optimizing the code, because right now most game run very slowly, at a few frames per second.

In retrospect, this emulator seems to be quite promising and is showing great progress, give it a few more years, its likely it will emulate xbox games fairly well.

You can find more about the emulator and the developers here:

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Unused Voice Clips in Jet Set Radio Future


Here's a video made by KeybadeBlox  with some unused voice clips in JSRF, lots of voice lines, thanks to KeybadeBlox for sharing this awesome stuff!