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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Epicness? now with textures =)

Note: This is not a render, just a screenshot from the 3D package's viewport (softimage) I use , no light, shadows, no shading eh, and a half faded out wireframe just displaying what I have achieved so far.

Well, there is still one model type which I am having problems to extract as you can tell by the big grey hole in the middle :/

And there are some objects missing as I said before these are placed individualy and are not the the stage.dat but you can already get them with the tool from the StgObj folder files.

But all and all its great! I can now extract models and automaticaly determine and assign textures, knowning there is sometimes like 10 different textures for one part of the level it does help, doing it by hand would be a pain, trust me ^^

That's all for today =)


  1. How do you have the levels so accurately recreated without placing each model manually? I assume there is a file that has the locations for each model. Unless you have actually placed every model manually.

    1. The levels are divided in a few models, then there's also some other objects which are placed from another file which gives the position of each object.