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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Beat 3D flash viewer =D

Hey there,

I am trying "Alternativa 3D" which is a flash 3D engine, not really for putting the JSRF models for you guys to view more like to make some game in the future, but I though I could make a test see if I could get a model in Alternativa.

So here it is for those of you who don't know how to view the 3D models i posted earlier, beat in 3D from your webrowser, you need Adobe Flash v10 or higher.

So Click down here and use WASD keys to move the camera and Left click & drag to aim with the camera, sorry couldn't fix the camera you'll have to move it a bit to see the entire character.


Enjoy =)


  1. Nice crotch shot ;)

    Also shift to move faster and e/c to pan up and down.

    There are a few graphical glitches, I don't know if they are from exporting or the way Alternativa renders but I don't remember seeing them in Maya.

    Did you pose this yourself or are you hinting at another discovery?

  2. Yeah the graphical problems is just Alternative, though the model itself doesn't have a very clean topology, there might be a way to solve those triangles dissapearing I didn't bother in this case.

    And I posed the character myself, didn't find rigging or animation, sorry xD

  3. I can´t see the face :(

  4. I Must know what happen to Jet Set Radio Air?
    Never released?

  5. Well I am not the one who made that.

  6. Hi neodos,

    I try using your tool to open the iso, but nothing happens, nothing appears in menu. Is there something I need to do with the files in your tmp folder? thank you for your help.

  7. My tool opens the .dat and .bin of JSRF you should previously extract from the .iso with an xbox iso extraction tool such as:


    Let me know if you still have any problem ;)

  8. Thanks neodos! ...so now I can extract the models. But somehow I can't view or extract the textures. When I click on a texture, it asks to run covert.bat. Then I see a window like a DOS shell open just for an instant, but then it disappears and the textures don't load in the right area of your tool. Any ideas about that?

  9. Make sure you have all the files in the "tmp" folder which come with the tool.

    If you're using windows XP that's the problem, I am starting a bitmap conversion tool through the console and for some reason on windows xp it doesn't pick the right path couldn't solve that :S

  10. Oh yeah, that's it. I'm on XP. Well... as it happens I am shifting to Windows 7 in the next week or so, so that will sort things out.

    Thanks very much once again for this tool. JSRF is one of my all time favorite games and it has been a major influence on my artwork. Getting to examine these models is something I never expected to be able to do. It's amazing! Thank you!

  11. Hey I've read just about every article o your blog can't wait for the part two on the reverse engineering, I also was interested in being able to update/modify this game while still being able to play on Xbox.Im interested in the idea of using .dat hex mesh layout for model in unity or blender ect. to update with rerender plugins and such to kinda remaster certain aspects of game for PC version and would like to know your opinion on how to translate or recompile the .dat script to a newer language and if possible how to go about.