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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

JSRF Graffiti Tool

Hey there!

I don't know why I didn't look into making custom graffiti for JSRF earlier, but since some people have recently asked about importing custom graffitis I gave it a try and figured out how to do it and made a tool to ease the process.

As usual, you'll need a modded xbox with JSRF installed on the HDD and the JSRF files somewhere on your PC.

The tool uses the JSRF stock graffiti folder as the mod folder, it lists the graffiti in the tool, you can select one and click edit to open it up in an image editor, make the changes, save and import back into the tool.
The tools handles all the image format conversion and file management, it also lets you automatically upload the selected graffiti to the xbox (through FTP) and automatically clears the cache for the graffitis.

Here's what the tool looks like with XL size graffitis loaded:

If you are going to use this, first head to the settings tab and lets configure things :) here's an example with my settings so you get the general idea.

JSRF Files (PC)
-JSRF TEX Folder: select the TEX folder in the JSRF files on your PC.
-JSRF TEX original files: This is just optional if you want to restore files, make a second copy of the JSRF files (only the TEX folder if you prefer) and select the TEX folder of that copy, this will be used to restore the graffitis to its original.

JSRF Files (Xbox) 
-Set the FTP IP address of your xbox, login and password
-JSRF games folder: set the path to the Media folder where you have installed JSRF on your xbox.

Preferred texture editor
-Select any image editor (that can edit .tga images).

And you should be set! :D

Now to edit graffiti, go back to the Graffitis tab, click on a button for a graffiti size.
1-Select a graffiti: it will be marked with a light orange stroke like so:

2-Click Edit Selected

The graffiti should open in the image editor, in my case I am using photoshop.

3-Make your edits and don't forget to use the Alpha channel for transparency (black = completely transparent, white = completely opaque)

My alpha channel:

If using Photoshop, flatten the image once you are done.

4-Save the image: very important save with the same file name and location it was opened in, this is so the  JSRF Graffiti tool knows what file to import.

If you are using Gimp, make sure to export with the following settings:


5-Go back to the tool, make sure the graffiti is selected.

6-Click Import selected, the tool should import the graffiti and refresh the thumbnail.

-To install the graffiti mod on the xbox, have your xbox running on the dashboard, make sure your FTP works.

8-With the graffiti selected click "Send to xbox", the tool UI will freeze for a second or two, once its done it should make a confirmation sound.

That's it! :D

Now lets see the results ingame :)

Go check it in the graffiti selection menu to make sure you have it selected, you'll need to have the graffiti slot unlocked of course.

Well its totally out of place hehe but its just for demonstration purposes :D

Let me know if you run into any issues with the tool and if you mod, feel free to post your screenshots of your modded graffiti in the comments :)