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Thursday, February 3, 2022

JSRF ModTool 2.7 - model importing: fixed material groups corruption when adding/removing materials

Download the JSRF ModTool 2.7 here

Hey there, I have still been working on the JSRF tool, mostly reverse engineering and experimenting recompiling levels(aka 'Stage') data, such features are not accessible in the tool's interface yet, if you're a developer and want to try it, it's all in the code.

While we're close to being able to create custom levels, we're stuck on figuring out part of the level collision 3D mesh data.

I have managed to recompile a custom visual mesh for the level, as well as part of the collision mesh data, but since part of the collision mesh is still unknown/not understood and has to be calculated, right now we just fall/go through the collision mesh.

In the following video, it's a new compiled visual mesh, while maintaining the original Garage's collision meshes:

This post is also about the JSRF Tool 2.7, where I have fixed MDLB model importing, before, adding or removing material groups in the model(MDLB) importing interface, would corrupt the materials groups, giving wrong materials to the model.

It's finally fixed, if you're a developer and have been using/modifying the source yourself, I recommend checking out the GitHub repository where I might update the code, while I don't make blog posts about it: https://github.com/neodoso/JSRF_ModTool, otherwise here's the tool with the fixes:

Download the JSRF ModTool 2.7 here