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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Props to You! - JSRF Credits


  1. Also props to Neodos for putting up all this awesome extracted stuff from the game :D.

    Just wanted to ask if it would be possible to extract the graffiti tags from the game as well?

    Oh,one more thing. I will be making a promo video for this blog eventually so don't worry I'll be sure to spread the word :)

  2. Well the graffiti seems to be in many file formats, not sure where they all are and I don't know how they work, i'll have to take a look to it.

    If I am ever able to display them I can probably make a tool to convert images to JSRF graffiti so people with moded xbox could get heir custom graffitis from an ima on their pc.

    And thanks for the vid :p

  3. I love you man.

    No homo though.

  4. If you want the graffiti files look no further than;

    As an added bonus it contains the graffiti from the original as well.