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Sunday, December 30, 2012

JSRF Characters - view them in 3D!

As you probably know JSR was ported for various platforms a few moths ago, amazing news since I didn't really get to play much JSR/JGR before, I have to say its a pretty hard game, I played it on PC with an xbox 360 controller and I would say that JSRF still feels a lot more evolved and polished though JSR has its charm too, I really hope they port JSRF to PC and other platforms which would really do justice to the franchise, if you can call it that.

I have had some people asking if I would make a tool for JSR HD, I looked a bit at the JSR HD files(which are the same as the dreamcast) but the file structure isn't really anything like JSRF, so if I am to figure out the file structure to do things like I did with the JSRF tool; its start from scratch again, so we'll see.

Meanwhile, since my last post I have learned other skills and was able to put together this little web-app to view 3D models using the engine Unity3D so you can easly view some JSRF models as I have noticed many readers just want to see the JSRF art assets but may not be able to go through all the process to extract and view them in 3D.

Use the WASD keys or arrows to move the camera and use your mouse to aim with the camera, SHIFT key to move faster.


I hope you like it and that it may help some cos-players to get reference or even for some of you who create JSRF fan art =)

Happy Holidays! =)