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Saturday, February 26, 2011

99th Street objects

Sorting things out, like what texture is assigned to a model (MDLB type) is done =D though not for a model that uses more then one texture gotta figure that out probably will make it.

I figured out that some models have their texture and material in the .dat but some others will have their materials in the .bin files and/or the textures in a second .dat file (this is because there are the same files for different languages but they use the same texture) the levels models have their textures split in many .dat files more work for me to code the JSRF tool o_o"

So here's a look at some objects of 99th street, its not a render though just a screenshot of the 3D app's viewport.

That yellow robot on the left is pretty cool xD

These from some other level, though many levels have the same objects.
Enjoy your meal =P

I realise I forgot to flip these horizontally on the 3D app after export, so if you can't read but can read Japanese that's why ;)

And here's one more thing for today, this one, I did flip it horizontally ;D well since its a model (MDLB type) that has many texture I still can't extract it with textures assinged, so here's a lambert with a wireframe.
And if you already tried the tool and extracting models, don't search this one you won't find it, I just figured out how to open the files on the "Mark" folder which contains fonts models and the thing below you should be able to recognize.

If you're a real JSRF fan you should recognize it =)


  1. Took me a little bit but I got it.

  2. Sir, you are a legend. All this stuff brings back precious memories.

    Except for that yellow robot. Don't know why I've never seen that before.

  3. Thanks for the comments its nice to see there's people who are still intrested in jet set radio ^^

  4. I was hopin someone was doing something like this x3 cause I only know of terkjotten (I don't think I spelled tha right) O_O

  5. http://www.youtube.com/tjerkotten

    He is Tjerkotten xP

  6. Hey, how do I download your stuff? :)

  7. I love that you got the robot out! Now where is the Chinese doll and the turtles?