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Thursday, May 19, 2016

JSRF Tool 2.0b : model viewer + texture modding made easy!

Hey! Long time no see!

I am not doing much JSRF stuff anymore but since someone asked about modifying textures I am releasing a new tool that I worked on and off here and there.

It has the model viewer I have shown before (still buggy on some models) and more importantly a texture viewer that also allows you to easily edit textures, save changes and upload the modded files to the Xbox in a few clicks.

Also keep in mind this tool does not extract models just preview them, for texture it extracts and converts them to BMP but only in a temporary folder to be automatically opened in the image editor, if you want to extract models or textures in mass use the older tool, top right of the blog for the download link to the old tool.

JSRF Tool 2.0b features:
-Folder/File browser
-Model Viewer (unfinished: some models dont display the proper texture) 
-Texture viewer
-Texture automatic conversion and transfer to image editor
-Texture import from image editor
-One click file upload to the Xbox and automatically clears cache for uploaded file so changes refresh.

If you are just going to use the tool to view models, you'll need to have the JSRF game files somewhere on your PC, you can extract the files from an xbox ISO, won't got into details you can google on how to get the files ;)

Using the tool

When you start the tool, first thing you'll want to do is go to the Settings tab:

JSRF Media Folder (modding): click Select folder and select the "Media" folder of the JSRF files, once you do that the contents of the media folder should appear in the tool:

This is going to be the files the tool will load and if you modify the textures the files in that folder will be saved/modded.

Browsing & previewing models/textures 

Now that the JSRF Media folder is setup, browse in the JSRF tool to Media\Players\ and double click on Beat.dat for instance:

A series of nodes appear on the right when a file is opened, red(pink?) contain models, orange nodes contain textures, beige are materials, uncolored nodes are empty or unknown data.

Double click on the red node it should open up with a few items, select the first one, a wild headless beat has appeared!

 You can rotate the camera around the model with the mouse, hold right click to rotate, hold middle mouse button to move, scroll wheel to zoom in-out.

Try loading other models, player models in JSRF are in most cases split in several models, for different head expressions or animated cloth etc

 Now try the texture nodes

Generally .dat files contain models and textures, .bin are usually for animation data, gameplay or other data.

That's pretty much it to browse stuff :)

Modding texture files

If you want to mod the game textures, you'll need a modded xbox with the game installed in the xbox hard drive and a modded dashboard that has FTP, so you can connect your xbox to your pc to send the modded files to the xbox.

Assuming you have all that setup and working lets go back to the JSRF tool settings tab and configure a few more things.

JSRF Media Folder original files:  is used in case you want to restore the original files, if you want to be able to do this in case you modify files, first make a copy of the JSRF Media folder and name it something different like Media_original and select that folder for "JSRF Media Folder original files".

This is just optional, in case you want to easily restore a file to its original state.

JSRF Files (Xbox)
The tool uses this to connect to the xbox and send the modded files through FTP.
Set the xbox IP address the login and password, lastly the path where the JSRF game files are installed in the xbox HDD.

Prefered Texture Editor
Select the path to your image editor tool of your choice.

  Once you have a file opened and a texture loaded click "Edit texture", this will extract and convert the texture to a temporary folder (in JSRF_Tool_2.0b\resources\tmp\), it will then open up the file in the image editor of your choice.

Edit the image there and once you are done save the file, go back into the JSRF tool and click "Save Changes".
This will re-import the image that was opened in the image editor, convert it back to DDS and re-write the JSRF file, in this case 'beat.dat'.

FTP file to Xbox: this will upload the file that's currently open in the JSRF tool, to the xbox.

Your xbox should be running on the dashboard with FTP and connected to your PC through ethernet and of course with the proper IP network settings so the PC and xbox can communicate but I am assuming hopefully you already know about this if you have a modded xbox.

It should take one second at most to upload, the tool also automatically clears the cache so its reloaded when you load the game.

Unfortunately I didn't yet code a way to inform if the FTP connection fails or the upload progress, so even if it fails or succeeds it wont show anything, the app locks up for a second while it uploads though so you'll know when its done.

Start the game after uploading the modded file(s) and if the FTP worked you should see the changes, if not make sure your FTP and IP settings are correct, try to ping the xbox, try using an FTP client to make sure your xbox FTP setup works.

Revert to original file:
this button will copy the file from the original JSRF folder to the JSRF modding files folder, for the filename that's currently open.

For instance lets say I have my modded beat.dat opened in the tool, if I click revert to original file, it will copy the file


Anyways, I think that covers pretty much everything you need to know about the tool, if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments.



  1. Awesome!!! Im definately gonna give the characters makeovers xD I'll post some pics if I do. ,I did rhyth before and made her from Aqua blue to hot pink with black socks (got the idea from ur YouTube video). Looks much better.

    Btw random question, do u know if it's possible to enable more split screen modes, as you can only use 2+ controllers (split screen) with the "Ball hog" mode, vs when selecting race,/ tag wars with the AI (computer),etc the other controls are greyed out, I wonder what needs to be edited to enable split screen/more players, I think they might have left it disabled because of bugs or lack of code/ testing? Would be fun to enable the split screen modes on other modes or even in the story mode!
    I have a jtag so I can edit any files on my Hard drive.

    1. Looking forward to see what you make! :D have fun

      No idea for split screen, if they coded but disabled it, maybe there would be a way to enable that by reverse engineering the executable file, but that's beyond my knowledge.
      I think the Xbox would have a very hard time running 3 or 4 split screen, notice the frame rate is already lower than usual when playing in 2 players split screen.

  2. I can fell this game will be soon on Steam. SEGA if licences Shenmue, JSRF will be as well.

    1. Let's hope so, but been hoping for that forever.... JSRF HD didn't do well enough for SEGA to port JSRF maybe, but people are asking for JSRF so there's still a little bit of hope.

    2. I meant JSR* HD didn't do that well ofc

  3. its so neat to see you still updating this blog. i love jsrf and i love modding games so this blog was such a cool find! i know you aren't doing much now, but had you ever come about pulling off something as advanced as model importing? how difficult do you think it'd be to do something like that?

    either way, i love what you've done with jsrf :)) good luck with your future endeavors!!

    1. since .bin files seem so familiar, could it possibly be done via hex editing or ASM? zelda hacking requires such methods for model replacement

    2. Thanks, yeah definitely possible but if the model data size changes then we'd need to rebuild the entire file because if the data is shifted some parts of the file pointing to blocks of the data need to be recalculated.

      If someone does ASM on the game file executable it definitely would be a lot easier to figure these things out.

    3. sounds like the same process for zelda. you either have to recalculate the modified file or the ROM CRC so the game can accurately pull the modified offsets from its internal table.

      it makes me wish i knew more about ASM so i could tap into such things more easily. hex editing is a mess lol

  4. Awesome! hehe, looks a bit more like JSR for the environments but its great :D

  5. Well done! Thanks for releasing this tool! IDA Pro can apparently analyse .xbe files. Using HxD you only really see the text of some in game messages and the names of the audio streams to use for the music.

  6. Hey can you please tell me what files you edited within the .bin or .dat files of the player to make the player "leap/go fast" when pressing forward, or jumping?

    As shown in this youtube clip: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=9pyoViytRdE

    Also do you know how to increase that even more possibly? I.e to jump higher or get out o more areas of maps? :D

    The values in your original mod tool did not have jump height/ leap speed or something of that nature, was wondering how you did that.

    Looks fun, thanks!!!

    1. Sorry but I most likely won't be releasing the new stats editing tools as it could ruin it for JSRF speed-runners if someone decided to use the tools to cheat in speedruns :S

    2. Perhaps I might post some edited files at least, so that you can still do it, but the edits are obvious enough that it would be noticeable if someone used them to cheat on a speedrun, its unlikely someone would do it, but better than safe than sorry and ruining the JSRF speedrunning community.

      Let me know if there's somewhere I can contact you, I could send you modded player stats files.

  7. hey neo! i am a giant fan on JSRF, so big im creating a game similar. do you have any models of beat? :3 unity based?

  8. I'm interested in viewing the files. Do you know how I can get them? I can't find a ISO download that would allow it to work.

  9. I created a custom mesh for my character's head. When viewing it in Blender, the UV mapping is correct but when I import into the mod tool, the UV mapping is wrong. Is this something you have encountered before? Am I missing a step along the way? Thank you!

    1. Hi, yeah it's expected, there's a bug with the JSRF mod tool model viewer and it just doesn't display the UVs properly, it should look fine ingame though, sorry about that, I gotta find a better third party model viewer eventually.

    2. Ah okay, that's good to know. Thanks for the response (in 7 minutes!! Now that's dedication!) :D

    3. Email notifications hehe, anyways, have fun, and don't hesitate to ask if you have any other questions or issues with the tool, cheers.

  10. i think the comment system did not publish my comments for some reasons ; i had a question: sometimes JSRF_ModTool_2.8.8 do not display the 3d models (it always shows the textures) ; is there a reason, a known bug maybe or a way to prevent it?