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Sunday, September 11, 2011

JSRF Tool v2.1

Not many changes on this version, since anyway you can pretty much extract almost all models and textures now.

This update is for the player stats editor, at this point I have only tested and validated the values "health" and "max cans".
I have added other values which I believe are general stats, I compared the values from players to players to see what changed, overall these values with a question mark ? are the ones that changed often and are probably stats such as stamina, grinding speed, spraying speed etc, feel free to test these and let me know if you can confirm what is what, thanks!

There are of course a lot more values, but some never change in any of the players, probably more settings for player movement behavior, but I preferred to list whatever would be the actual stats.
"0x328" is just the position of the value in the file, don't worry about it =) 

Also I was thinking you may want to try smaller values such as 0.1 or the opposite such as 30 for the, these may be timers such as how much time you have to wait to be able to spray again or do a trick.

I have also enable texture injection aka "replace texture" button for the player files, BUT I disabled it the first time because it didn't work well, so if you're going to inject textures, do it once at a time and try to see if it still loads.

Again let me know if you tested modifying the stats if you found something, or just post a video if you got some funny result! ;)

Don't forget to empty the cache (X partition)  everytime you modify a file, so it reloads the new file.

Take care