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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Leave them alone

Remember all those people? (click the images to see in bigger)

The ladies and the gentlemen you got screaming and pushed around the streets while skating... you little punks! as Hayashi would say.

And all those birds haunting the streets on every corner,  the dogs and cats you surprisingly might have come accross, these little tiny creatures that add that little touch of life to JSRF.

So these models/texture are in the "people" folder ;)

Oh and I found more characters icons! the first 3, were not used in the game, they were as place holders I guess but they're cool!

As for how I am going with the tool, well haven't had much time to spend on that but I got more things figured out, I can also extract sounds now! oh yeah i'll post some another day though only a few sounds, maybe Yoyo's tricks "screams" or any other character, let me know in the comments if you want to hear some character in particular =)
I'll just post a few though,don't think it would be allright to post them all for legal reasons ;)  you should get the tool and the game files for when I'll post the next version of the tool to extract sounds yourself if you own JSRF.

Oh and just for fun =)


  1. I love her pants! so baggy. very interesting people indeed. I did a LP once and in it I was screaming almost everytime when I saw an animal "DOGGY!"

  2. Ah he touched by bum! :P

  3. DJ Professor K Baby ha i love how he says that you could get everything that Jet Set radio has cus smile bit hasn't been seen for years and SEGA doesn't really care about Jet set radio

  4. @ Hyake Yess ever saw that spot where there's a bunch of cats?

    @SimonDenton I'll definetly put up that sound xD

    @Anonymous Hmm not sure what you mean, well in any cases I won't share the whole assets, just to play safe =)

  5. Oh wow,even the "trenchcoat rapist" had his own picture xD.I should use some of those for channel icons haha.

  6. is it Just me or does this statement not make any sense at all just read it

  7. Haha now that i can see them closer i can say that THEY ARE FROM THE FUTURE XD ...

    Anyone remember that Old Creepy guy or woman i cant remember.. that was just sitting there at an old alley in 99th street, shes in the last column in orange, yeah, she creeped me out ! xD
    She was jut there, Crying !

    And the guy that was trapped at the other side of a gate in Rokkakku Dai Heights x'D
    I remember i used to watch how the boxes fell on the other side of the map though, where the factory is :P ah ol' times ol' times !

  8. so funny at fortified residential zone! AAH HE touched Mai butt!