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Sunday, January 29, 2017

JSRF Tool 2.1 - Level texture modding

Hey there! :)

Small update for the tool, I added support to edit textures for the levels, as well as some other small improvements, also changing the "JSRF Tool " name to "JSRF ModTool" since its main purpose is modding the game :)

I also changed the workflow of Editing/Importing textures, instead of exporting as "tmp.bmp" for every texture you want to edit, now the tool will instead export the texture with a unique file name, this way you no longer have to worry about saving over the "tmp.bmp" and overwritting the wrong texture, when you're working on multiple textures.

You'll find level files in the Media\Stage\ folder.

For instance the Garage level files containing its models and textures are: 

In this example I opened the file stg00_04.dat and selected the first texture, its "Potts the dog"'s house.

 I edited it in photoshop, imported in the JSRF tool:


The process to editing level(aka Stage) textures is the same as any other file: 
-Select the texture item
-Click "Edit Texture", it should open up the image editor of your choice with the texture.
-Make changes
-Click "Save changes" in the JSRF Modtool
-Click "FTP file to Xbox" to send the file to the xbox.

And there we go:


Click here to download the JSRF ModTool 2.1

-Added: texture import for Stage .dat files
-Previewing MDLB models in Stage .dat files (flat shaded)
-Changed: Edit/Import textures with unique file name
-Added: FTP error details message in case it fails to connect/upload
-Added: confirmation sound after file is uploded to the xbox with "FTP file to xbox"
-Changed: Single click on file list loads file (previously required double clicking)
-UI: simplified node listing for file data
-UI: items inside NORM nodes are now enumerated
-Added icon to the app

 That's all for now folks ;)


  1. Nice work man! Glad you're still motivated despite how there's unfairly not enough attention on this. One day would you feel like posting about your reverse engineering process? I understand you use a hex editor to spot out pattern but surely there's more to it than trial and error ;)

    Keep up the excellent work!

    1. Thanks! glad to see people still around :)

      Well the way I reverse engineered was really bare-bones dumb. brute force trial & error, I did code some tools later on to help viewing random data of the files, but it still was pretty basic stuff.

      A few months ago I actually did start writing a post about the reverse engineering process but never really finished it.

      I'll definitely get back to it and do a "postmortem" of JSRF-Inside as I am probably going to leave this project behind as I need/should move on to focus on future projects more seriously.

    2. I was so lucky to even come across this and if it weren't for you it would've been very unlikely for someone else to have given this great gift to us passionate fans like you did. Back in 2008 I thought of making a JSRF "port mod" on the Source engine then UDK then I thought of making a spiritual successor to JSRF called Revolution: Genesis. It's on IndieDB but it's sadly dead since most of my team got high paying and "real" game jobs. Even so, my dream of having JSRF being modded more or less came true. So thank you for that!

      I understand that you wish to leave this behind, you've done so much anyway! All the best and thanks again.

    3. Yoooo Finaly softmodded my Xbox. What program do I use to edit graffiti?

  2. Thanks a ton for all of your work & help making JSRF still new & interesting even after ive beat it 100 times. but could you please tell me how to edit player stats or send me the tool including it, im not in the JSRF community & therefore wont give the info or tool to anyone else, i just want to keep the game fun after so many years.

    1. Thanks :)
      While I probably won't be releasing the new stats editing tool, because it could be misused for JSRF speedruning (don't want to ruin it for them).

      However I have made 3 modded character files, the modified stats are described in a text file that comes along it.
      Copy the .bin files to the xbox JSRF install in Media\Players\

      Also make sure to clear the cache aka delete files in the partitions X Y Z, so it reloads those new files.

      Here's the modded stats player files:

  3. This is absolutely wonderful! Bravo!
    Poking through this, I occasionally find mis-matched textures to model, i.e., Cube's head is wrapped with her body textures. Is there anyway I can fix this?

    1. Hey, sorry unfortunately I am not able to fix this issue, I am using a third party model viewer and for some reason it messes up the texture projection in some cases.

  4. Are you planning on ever adding support for exporting the models as different file formats like .obj or .blend?

    1. There was an older version of the tool which would extract models as .obj, though I removed it from the blog since too many people were using it to make "ports/remakes", while I don't think Sega would mind as long as its fan stuff and free, there was one case where someone wanted to monetize the project, so I pulled the tools because I don't want to be liable for that sort of stuff.

  5. I really appreciate your work on this, even after the Vinesauce charity stream, Neodos! I'll probably check out the Stage texture modding in the future. C:

    1. Cheers! let me know if you do another JSRF mod stream would love to watch ^^

  6. Hey man interesting to find this blog, I was part of the Halo 2 community (a nobody) back in the day and I remember seeing your stuff. I'm bummed you pulled the stat editor version of the mod tool down, I was hoping to mod spraypaint can limits for a playthrough.

    1. àh Halo 2, good times, sorry about the stats tool, I didn't release some of them because there's people speedrunning the game and talking to some people from the community we thought it was best its not released in case people might use it to cheat on speedruns.

      However here's some modded player files with some obvious stats changes: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nn908k8237p56r1/jsrf_modded_player_stats.zip?dl=0

  7. Which .dat file has textures from Rokkaku Expo Stadium?

  8. i keep trying to open a model and it says Method not found: '!!0[] System.Array.Empty()'. i'm i doing something wrong?

    1. Means the file is empty, what type of file are you trying to open?