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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

JSRF - Ingame billboards - Part 1

Some random billboards you see ingame, there's a bunch more, click for larger image (actually better if you download it, or open it in another tab to be able to zoom in)

"hl_02_wallkanban06_" and the other 05 are obviously  placeholder textures.

Gotta love these, bottom left seem to be fictitious music bands posters, my favorites there.

This little guy is actually seen in the game as a 3D object and you can smash it, same for the iguana, there is a lizard like creature in the sewer levels.
They actually have some of these fictitious ads representing things that are actually seen in the game as objects or living things that you can interact with to some extent.

I have no idea if they are references to pop culture or Japanese culture or maybe its just the artist that made his own little universe.
Either way cool intricate stuff you don’t necessarily see in every game where props are at times created and treated as soulless space fillers, these do seem to carry some meaning or at least the fact that they are represented through several forms makes it more believable.

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