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Monday, January 24, 2011

Right on

Got All playables characters extracted and professor K (which is not a playable character).
I can now extract all models except for levels, though i still didn't figure out what texture is asigned to the model so i had to reassing the textures in the 3D app, takes time.

And the tank =)


  1. Are you able to upload the individual character renders in a zip file onto Megaupload? I saw your post on Sonic Retro with that download, but it was on Mediafire, which is virus central and I want to avoid using that site. Thank you!

  2. I won't make individual renders of the characters on a boring pose like that, that's why I uploaded a model pack, you can get them on media fire, trust me there's no virus in my files.

  3. Well I didn't mean your files had viruses, I meant the Mediafire site iteself, which has pop-ups with malware and viruses that can't be blocked by ad-block programs.

  4. Well I haven't had any problem using firefox and adblock plus on mediafire, I think that's just false rumors from the kind of users stupid enough to download viruses or click on ad-aware ads, otherwise I don't see how 35 people already downloaded the pack from mediafire and didn't complain.

    Though I uploaded the pack on megaupload:


    Its wavefront .obj 3D models + textures.