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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hover, check out this game!

Hey again :)

You probably already heard of this game by now, but I feel like sharing it because its pretty sweet!

The game developers at Fusty Game, a team compromised of only three developers have created this game prototype named "Hover" in only 4 months and its already looking very promising!
The game is inspired by games like JSRF, Tony Hawk Pro Skater and some also guess Mirror's Edge.

Its quite reminiscent of JSRF for its freedom of movement and the giant city, although its not roller skating but rather more like parkour with still some sliding and grind-able surfaces, air combos etc
And while it doesn't hide that it takes some inspirations from the previous mentioned games I think its safe to say it has its own visual and gameplay style and they are putting a lot of emphasis on the city and its inhabitants to have life and background stories, which is something I personally love to see in games, exploring a city full of life to discover.

Even better, Hideki Naganuma (composer for JSR & JSRF & other SEGA games) has joined them to create the soundtrack for Hover!

They are also based in France, where I am too ;) so even more reasons to support them!

Check out the game on their Kickstarter page:



  1. Hey, do you by any chance know how to get the Graffiti soul obj file?

    1. Hey, if I recall its one of the models in the file "Media\Misc\Misc.dat"

  2. SEGA is dead and Hideki take off is relationship. Now is gone for good, and we must be more concentrated on kickstarter... Revolt is the Future!!!