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Thursday, December 11, 2014

JSRF - People & the bad guys

Hey there!

I did a bit of progress on the JSRF model viewer, now with textures!
Here’s a preview with some models of the enemies and people in JSRF.

As usual I had very little time to work on this but I did get textures to load although I hit a brick wall with some model's texture projection getting messed up, turns out its a bug with the third party model viewer I am using.

So I'll need to try more model viewers (because no time to code my own) and I'll only be able to sort that out whenever I find time to dive back deep into this, not anytime soon unfortunately.

But if you have any models in mind you'd like to see, let me know.



  1. Hell yeah you're back :D Btw I've got a ton of questions to ask you, like about your custom spawning project, how's that been coming along?

    1. Oh I haven't had time to do "research", just worked on this model viewer a few months ago, too busy with work at the moment but whenever I have more time I'll keep looking on the other stuff ;)

    2. Awesome dude, can't wait for the "other stuff", see you around on JSRF streams

  2. It looks great, when will we be able to use it?

    1. Whenever I have the time to implement a different (third party) model viewer, the current one has issues and doesn't load some model's texture projection properly, I only showed models that work in this case and I also need to code/figure out loading models that have multiple materials & textures, just no time for this stuff atm.

  3. Nice job! I add you on youtube. Look on my signature. :D

  4. Hey man, great blog you've got here! It's great to see people still interested in jsr art. Unfortunately my xbox does not read this game anymore :( I'll stay tuned ;)

    1. Thanks! lots of work and busy with life lately but I try to work on this stuff when I have enough time, so slow updates :S

  5. Hi, is there anyway you can replace the DJ Professor K Model with the Garam Model, (least favorite character),

    also is there a way to remove invisible barriers or increse the jump height ?or any other secrets in the game you have found ?

    1. *Replace Garam model with the DJ. K model, (Playable character)

    2. If you have a modded xbox and can copy the files to your HDD to run the game from the HDD, yeah, maybe swapping the player files might work.

      Except I don't think DJ Professor K is a playable model, he doesn't seem to have the animations nor sounds that the other playable models have, I might try it though, I'll let you know.

      Here's a screenshot of some of the player files:

      See the djk.bin file, its file size is much smaller that of the other players bin files, I believe the bin files for the players contain the animations, and also the player stats, DJK's bin file is nearly empty, even if I try to use only the djk.dat with another's player bin, chances are the game won't load or crash, as the rigging (skeleton) and animations probably won't match with djk's model and other settings, but I'll try.

      Modifying the map's collision (aka barriers) is something I am looking into, the latest thing I have been trying to reverse engineering is the map "bin" file (I already figured out the map's .dat files, those contain models and textures), the level bin file seems to contain the "grind paths", grindable surfaces, probably the collision boxes/meshes and object placement, I figured out the main structure of the level bin file, now I need to figure out the types of data like grind paths, collision boxes etc

      I know the grind paths are there because I could read the data and visualize it as 3D points and part of the data clearly are the grind paths, just need to figure out the structure as the size varies from one grind path to another.

      Part of the level stuff is loaded from other files called "mission" files, I believe those load objects, collision boxes, animation, effects and cinematics into the map, so that's yet another file format to figure out.

      For the player stats, I found where they are located, but there's tons of values to test to know what's what, I didn't find jumping height, found health, max cans, and from how far you can grab a grind path, the jump height might be in that bin file though, just gotta test about 200 values :S

    3. I just tried replacing Garam with DJK, clearly he doesn't have the animations nor other stuff to be used as a player model:


      He just "walks" in the same spot instead of skating around the garage you'd normally see when selecting a character and when trying to select it, it crashes the game.

      So definitely not a playable character.

    4. i tried replacing DJ.K like that too :D i laughed when i saw it, and my xbox froze not long after selecting him.

      have u seen the level bypass sort of thing you can do on the sewer level, when graham puts/throws down that massive pipe for you to grind up, if you boost and jump off right at the edge of it you can skip that level, and never unlock graham, (the door to the next level will already be open), but the sewer level is one of the coolest levels.

      also good job on all these tools and mods you made, JSRF is one of the best games ever made IMO/ one of my favorite, they dont make games like it nowadays, was hoping for a HD remastered version, but dont think there will ever be one, although it still looks great on my xbox 360 running at 1080 resolution,

      and on the collision barriers, it would be fun to remove invisible walls and explore a little more, or have a fly cam of some sort,some of the levels have so much detail in the scenery which is hardly seen when playing,

      P.S any way to equip that massive sword which the police leader (Gouji Rokkaku) has?, is this sword even seen in the game at all ? i dont rember seeing it..wonder why its there!? so strange but cool lol

    5. *character with the sword i meant Hayashi not the police leader (Gouji Rokkaku), :D

  6. i dont have a copy of the game, can someone give me a download link for all the models
    or only the model of the dog
    or a video with the wireframe of the dog
    thanks if someone can help me

  7. would be nice to see Rhyth or Jazz