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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Moar Spray Cans


  1. This looks awesome !
    What version of the JSRF program is this ??
    v 0.2 doesnt seem to have the "Player Stats" Tab
    I recently got a J-Tagged 360 and wanna try this out !!

  2. I just added this to the tool, though the only values I am sure of are health and the max cans count.

    Not sure if you can use this on a j-tagged 360, can you copy games to the HDD and load them from there?
    You'll also need to "clear" the cache so the files reload, in the original xbox it uses the "X" partition cache of the HDD.
    Let me know if you can, thanks.

  3. What version/Tool ?, in v 0.2 there is no "Player Status" Tab ? i've opened a player's .Bin file also.
    The game runs fine off a Jtagged Xbox, and i can modify those files that the game is using since, from in the Jtaged xbox i have JSRF on a USB(a folder with all the files right there to modify, e.g. the 'Media' folder, and the 'default.xbe' which is what i click to run the game, and it uses the contents of that 'Media'Folder ? so i want to play around with textures and stuff like the spray cans :),
    but the v 0.2 doesnt have the 'Player Stats' Tab, how to get this tab ??
    btw, this is the BEST GAME EVER !

  4. I don't have time to test all the values and figure out what's what, so I'll add some values (in the order that it is in the actual data block) but there's just too much, and let you try to modify these values and see if you can figure out what these do.

    Just need to time to polish things, I'll post soon today ;)

  5. i want to be able to to edit the player stats please upload the old version so i can do so its anooying the new updated version sucks cause there is no player stats tab at all why is it gone whos idea was it to remove such a valuable tab its ridiculous