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Sunday, September 11, 2011

JSRF Tool v2.1

Not many changes on this version, since anyway you can pretty much extract almost all models and textures now.

This update is for the player stats editor, at this point I have only tested and validated the values "health" and "max cans".
I have added other values which I believe are general stats, I compared the values from players to players to see what changed, overall these values with a question mark ? are the ones that changed often and are probably stats such as stamina, grinding speed, spraying speed etc, feel free to test these and let me know if you can confirm what is what, thanks!

There are of course a lot more values, but some never change in any of the players, probably more settings for player movement behavior, but I preferred to list whatever would be the actual stats.
"0x328" is just the position of the value in the file, don't worry about it =) 

Also I was thinking you may want to try smaller values such as 0.1 or the opposite such as 30 for the, these may be timers such as how much time you have to wait to be able to spray again or do a trick.

I have also enable texture injection aka "replace texture" button for the player files, BUT I disabled it the first time because it didn't work well, so if you're going to inject textures, do it once at a time and try to see if it still loads.

Again let me know if you tested modifying the stats if you found something, or just post a video if you got some funny result! ;)

Don't forget to empty the cache (X partition)  everytime you modify a file, so it reloads the new file.

Edit: this tool is no longer available, instead there's the new JSRF Tool 2

Take care 


  1. Nice work man!
    Would help discover what values these change but I gave away my old xbox to a younger friend a long time ago.

  2. This works 100% with a J-Tagged Xbox 360,
    Its funny because i got the JTagged 360 a few days ago and downloaded JSRF, then i found this blog, and this new handy tool comes out (v.2.1) which allows to increase cans and helath etc.

    KEEP IT UP !!

  3. Hehe cool, great to hear it works for 360 too =)

    I have tested the values, I believe the first "unknown", well I just set all to 100 and basicaly one of these values defines how far you can "grab" a "grind rail", so setting it very high will make you "grab" a grinding path no matter how far you're from it as long as you're jumping or falling.

    I think I'll make a text file with all the values and then you can edit the text file and just inject back all the values, that way you can name things and edit all the values.

  4. hey neodos in the vary near future(ha jsrfuture) well jsrf mods be possible and air gear games?

  5. You can already kind of mod JSRF with this, as for "air gear games" no idea what that is, or what you mean by that?

  6. I don´t know how many DVD's you burn to do this, but is a anwsome tool i wish i have this game right now emulated, besides i have the game extracted on my PC.

  7. I don't burn any DVD, i just send a few files to the xbox HDD through FTP and run the game from the HDD on the xbox.

    It will never get emulated.

  8. It will because blueshogun is make a new improve emulator!
    For now is Secret from him....

  9. Hi neodos, I've finally got a Win7 setup so I've been able to start using your software to check out some of the levels. I ran into a couple of things while looking at Shibuya terminal (stage 10). First, the ground is missing in my version. Do you know why that might be? I see you have it in place in your screenshots below. Do you remember which file it is? Secondly, I was looking around and realized that everything seemed to be a mirror image of the level in-game. The signs were backwards, and the layout of the level was reversed. So I grouped everything and changed its scale in X to -1 and that corrected it. I'm using Maya 2012. Did you encounter the same issue? Thanks again for this tool, it's so remarkably fun to look around in these levels and see how my favorite designers put things together.

  10. Cool, yeah for the models you always need to flip them, that's "normal" as far as how my tool outputs these.
    As for the ground missing its because its a "strippped triangle" model type, in older versions of the app (which you can still download) you could extract these but with errors aka messed up faces/uvw, in this version I disabled it because it would sometimes crash.

  11. Im Guessing This Does not work with the sega gt package?

    1. The Sega GT disc has the same files as the disc alone, but you would need to extract JSRF only, install it in your modded xbox HDD to be able to run the game from the HDD that way you can load the game with modified files.

    2. i dont know how to find my game files. do i put my xbox cd in my computer? when i put the cd in the computer it only has a video on it. do i need to emulate? please help.

    3. Either you have a modded xbox to which you can connect through FTP to get the files.

      Or you have a copy of JSRF, then you can download the jsrf "iso", then use an xbox iso extractor to get the files from it.

      If you google a bit for these things, you'll find what you need ;)

  12. Maybe I'm a total noob, but I can't figure out how to transfer files from my computer to my modded Xbox. =/ Any help?

    1. You need a modded xbox, you also must have the JSRF game files copied in the xbox hard disk drive and launch the game from there.

      Then you can use any modded xbox dashboard that allows to send files to your xbox through FTP to copy modded files to your copy of jsrf in the HDD.

  13. Hey don't know if you are still checking this blog but thought I'd give it a try.
    0x328 = Cornering
    0x380 & 0x532 = Grinding
    0x540 = G-Stamina
    The others, as far as I can tell, don't do anything. So I was wondering were there any other stats in the character files?

    1. Awesome! thanks, yeah there definitely are more though I didn't expose them mainly because at the time and given the programing language I used I wasn't able to do a dynamic way to load the file's values to edit them.

      I don't have time to work on this tool, also since its coded poorly (on of my first programming projects) its not really worth it to edit it.

      If I find some time I'll try and code a tool that's focused on editing stats, which will load the file values dynamically, so you can map it and name them.

    2. That's fair enough.
      It's only that I speed run JSRF at the moment. We are still kind of assuming things about characters. In terms of speed, on the ground, graffiti and boost.

    3. You mean to use a modified player stats to do the speed runs? I hope that's not against the "rules" or that its a specific category of speed run and that you let viewers know :P

      Or simply check if the real stats of the characters are what are displayed in the menu to see what character best to play as?

      I tried you to add you on steam as BANG! accept my friend request please .

  14. Where can I download the build that has the tri-strip reading enabled? I can deal with crashing. I'm currently only able to get 2/3 of the content in most areas because of this, so anything that can yield the results in your screenshots would be much appreciated. That said, this tool is still pretty incredible, so thank you.

    In mine, most areas have missing floors, Dogenzaka has glitched triangles connecting the lampposts, and 3/4 of the miscellaneous stageObj files won't read in Maya at all. Would the old build of your tool help with these issues at all?

    I'm working on stitching all of the stages together into a seamless open city in Maya, and later putting it together in Unity. There are basic spatial issues with Tokyoto, of course, but it'll be a fun diversion if I can get my hands on a complete version all of the stages...

    1. Here's the older version, though you'll still need to manually fix those models because they extract with some errors:


      Let me know when you have that done, I'd like to see it :)

  15. hi hi, its me again, quick question, do you speak spanish? my english is really bad, and thats a big problem for me, i got lots of problems with the jsrf tool, are you gonna fix the aplication in the future?
    especially the option to replace textures,can you please upload some tutorial about how to inject textures , and what are the programs that you use,
    That would be sensational, thanks for all :3