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Sunday, February 27, 2011

"Yeah!! This is DJ Professor K, Baby!"

Yay! I found it, it was in the least expected file, looks like cinematic files can also contain models and textures so here it is =O (made a quick rough render)

So here's a closer look at DJK's radio station.

Please do click the images to see in larger format ;D

Hayashi has a katana!? well at least its on its model file.
Some enemies missing can't find the guy with his metal tentacles


  1. Dj K's studio looks so much better than the low resolution cut-scene playing on my fuzzy tv.
    That's why this project is so exciting.

    Nice work!

  2. Nice,just got a few requests.
    -Goujis Tower extraction with textures
    -Gouji dialog
    -Pedestrian "Oh jeez my knees!" sound clip

  3. Jeeze, Prof. K's studio is really well made! Funny how, even though this game is rather dated, the texturework has aged incredibly well.

    Do you plan to release any of the textures and models when you're finished with this project? You'd make a lot of people happy!

  4. I will post some more assets though I prefer not to post too much for copyright reasons or not directly on the blog.

    I haven't had time to work on the tool but I'll post some screenshots of models and some stuff to download for the kicks =D

  5. That's fair enough. Rips from commercial games may well come under 'fair use', since public access sites like the Models Resource exist.

    But hell yeah, I'm definitely appreciating the stuff you upload. I'm not a 3D user (the world of models is a bit beyond me), but since next to no official art exists for the JSR games, these rips are fascinating, ahaha.

  6. You are one awesome person